Outdoor League Rules

Fusion Soccer is an adult league. No one under the age of 18 years old is permitted to participate in play. All players are required to have a valid fusion player id card. Maximum 25 players per team.

Players can now play on more than one team per night as a guest player during regular season (weeks 1-10). Teams can have a max. of 4 guest players (2 male and/or 2 female) per game.  Note them as guest players at the bottom of the game sheet.

Substitutions: A team may substitute any number of players during a Stoppage of play with the Ref's permission.

FIFA rules honored with following exceptions:

No sliding or slide tackling allowed. It is up to the referee to determine if a slip or stretch has occurred. Sliding should be cautioned as dangerous play. Shoulder to shoulder contact should also be called down as the league looks to emphasize the less physical spirit of coed play.

All free kicks are indirect. (Opponents to be 10 yards away from the ball)

A player who receives a yellow card must sub-out, and may re-enter after the next stoppage with the referre's permission.A player who receives a red card will be sent off the field for the remainder of the match & must leave the entire field area. That player is also prohibited from playing in the next game for which that team is eligible to play. (Teams play short in outdoor, same sex that was sent off)

All players must wear shin guards (under socks) and footwear (without metal studs) in order to play.

Penalty shots will be in effect.

Each team will be responsible for putting up one secured goal net prior to game start. Each team is also expected to provide an approved game ball (size 5) to the referee prior to game start. Each team will also be responsible for providing a club linesmen, players on the sidelines (substitutes) can take turns fulfilling this role. Finally each team will mark their half the field with 10 approved cones. (penalty area is 12x12 yds wide of goal post & downfield)

Matches are 80 minutes (40 minute halves, with 5 minutes intermission). Referees will start game clock at times specified on schedule, even if teams are not yet prepared to take the field. Games sheets are to be completed and handed in to referee at half time. A game must be in the 60th minute of play to be considered official.

We play 8 on 8. Of the eight field players (ignoring the goalkeeper), no more than 4 can be men. There should be 3 women on the field in order to play a match. A game can be played with a minimum of only two woman, but that team will play one short on the field. Minimum number of players to start a game is 6.

The league and referees reserve the right to adapt league rules to fit expected or unexpected situations resulting from, player/team conduct, and field conditions to ensure the safety of all players and to maintain the integrity of the league. Also, referees may stop or conclude a game at any point due to poor sportsmanship by players.

If there is a conflict in shirt color, the home team will change shirts. All teams should have two different sets of color shirts to accommodate this. The league will expect teams to have 8 inch numbers on the back of these playing shirts. All players are expected to carry one form of photo id to verify themselves as a registered player if challenged by their opponents.

Players are not permitted to wear jewelry other than wedding bands or medical alerts. Any object which might cause injury to others should be removed. (No watches, sunglasses, hats)

Unless restricted by town ordinance, the decision whether or not a field is playable is at the sole discretion of the referee. The referee and League executive will not be held liable for any injuries sustained during a game, since it is the personal decision of each player whether or not to play.

Playoffs: will be determined on the number of points. If there is a tie, the result of head-to-head competition will determine standings. If teams tied in head-to-head, then best goals against will determine standing. If still tied, goals for, will determine standings. If a tie still exists, a coin flip will determine standings.

During playoffs penalty shots will determine winner if tied at the end of match play. Best of five with male/female alternate kickers. Sudden death if tied after 5,though-out roster if needed.

If a referee terminates a game due to misconduct of players or spectators, the offending team will forfeit the game and be charged a default fine and a 5-0 loss to be recorded regardless of the score-line at the time of the incident. Any assault on an official will result in a league ban for the player(s) involved.

Defaults: in the unlikely event of a default; the defaulted team will receive a 5-0 loss as well as a loss of the $50 default bond. A default will be considered at 10 minutes past match start time. The bond must be replaced prior to the next game. A third default could lead to expulsion of the team.

No Ref= Self-Ref Game. It is rare for a ref to miss an assignment; if this occurs then the game will played self-ref style and captains will report the results.


1) An offensive player may score anywhere on the field

2) An intentional foot pass or throw in to the keeper = no hands

First Aid

It is highly recommended that refs carry a first aid kit with them at all times. Players that are bleeding must sub out and cannot re-enter until the bleeding is controlled and soiled clothing replaced.


Fines: (Established to ensure compliance with basic league expectations)

Failure to have a team representative attend captain's meeting -$25

Failure to provide a club linesmen -$25 (exception if team plays with no subs.)

Failure of home team to change shirts in the event of a clash -$25

Failure to provide a secured goal net and ten field markers -$25


These rules are subject to amendment or revision by Fusion Soccer Inc. and have been accepted, as written herein, this 26th day of April, 2018.