Fusion Coed Soccer Rules

Referees are in charge of calling the game and enforcing the laws of the game. Referees will also try to encourage the ethics of sportsmenship and fair play.

Each official tries to make each match one that is fair, safe and fun. Players must accept the decisions of the match official without question.

The players are in charge of playing the game and are responsible for the safety of themselves and others on the pitch.

The player is expected to respect all other players, team officials, game officials and spectators at the game.

It is the responsibility of the player to know and respect the Laws of the game, play within the ideals of Fair Play and Spirit of the game.

Soccer can be a passionate game, but players must maintain a level of self-control at all times.

Fair play is a code of conduct which respects both the written and the unwritten rules of the game and treats opponents as partners in the sport.

These ideals are expressed though spontaneous actions which applaud sporting excellence, show concern for opponents distress, acknowledge defeat with dignity and victory with humility.

Remember, we are all here for fun, exercise and a good time. Most of us still have to get up to go to work the next day.

If you feel this league is too harsh on contact fouls or you enjoy releasing stress in a physical form, perhaps another league or sport would be better suited for your needs.

Discipline Results

A - 2 yellow cards, same game   One week ban
B - 3 yellow cards, same   One week ban
C - 1 red card, no yellows   One week ban
D - 1 red card for hand ball last man back   One Week ban
E - 2 red cards same season   Suspension Doubles
F - 3 red cards same season   One year ban (min)
G - Verbal abuse of an official   2 game ban (min)

Note - Yellow cards will not carry over to next season, but suspensions will.

These are guideline only; in the event of fighting, spiting, racial comments, swearing, etc. added game bans can be imposed.

In the event of any disciplinary action against an official a life ban would most likely be imposed. This would include threatening "I'll take care of you later", charging or attempting to engage in a fight, intentional push or poke, striking.