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    City: Calgary

    The "N" is mightier than the sword

    Our shin pads and cleats have been forged within the skilled blacksmiths of Asgard, blessed by the all mighty Odin himself. They say when Niupi runs it sounds like thunder, the frost giants fled into hiding from the distinct sound of their heavy steps.

    After gearing up in Asgard the team headed to Mordor to force Shelob, the giant spider, to forge the team uniforms made from her indestrucable silk. They say the red colour of their home jerseys is made from the blood of the thousands of orcs they conquered to reach Shelob. The blue dye used for the away jersey is made from blueberries because they are delicious and nutritious.

    Peyman, the captain of the team is known as "the big eye on the streets" the reason is aint nobody get past him without him seeing it, the eye, the eye don't miss a thing!

    Igor, the primary keeper is regarded as "The Butcher." He enjoys fresh meat and makes a mean filet mignon out of every soccer ball foolish enough to try and enter his net. 

    Our main source of nutrients are Pizza with alfredo sauce instead of marinera sauce (ITS DELICOUS) and the finest ales from the cellars of Winterfell.

    I don't know what else to say except.. POP POP - magnitude